Return to Warsaw

We found the correct train from Lublin to Warsaw and got into a little compartment with a friendly traveling Polish fellow. Mom chatted with him and I promptly fell asleep. Then woke up an hour into the trip and tried to read. For some reason the only book I brought was my old copy of “1984”. I fell asleep again.

It’s Thursday night in Warsaw. We are finally situated in our funky airport hotel room at the Hotel Gromada. I have photos of the day (and of this odd hotel) but I’m too worn out to get my cable and find my camera.

Today in Lublin we went to the TeatrNN . Very cool exhibition interactive history. I’ll tell ya more about it when I have pics and notes in front of me.

I’m exhausted. My sleep schedule is so screwed up my body can’t figure out what’s going on. I think I had too much potato pancake at lunch today. (they were very yummy!)

We got to the airport hotel without too much hassle, except that they didn’t have our reservation. The desk woman went into a back room with mom’s passport for so long we started to wonder if she had split town… But she finally came out and said that she didn’t find our reservation anywhere. She gave us a room, we got settled, and had some dinner.

The room is ugly and the beds are uncomfortable narrow little sprung springs but it’s clean and the bathroom is nice, so whatever. It’s one night.

Our multi-flight trip back to the U.S. starts tomorrow at 9:40am.
I’m looking forward to seeing old friends this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Return to Warsaw

  1. That’s too bad. My mom said that she was able to google translate that site pretty decently, but the woman who showed us around said that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
    Perhaps try again? 🙂

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