fantasy vs. reality

When faced with fantasy becoming reality, I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to shy away, at least at first. It seems that there is a fear to getting what you want.

A friend of mine recently bought a motorcycle that he’d been dreaming about getting for many months. One day last week, he idly called the dealership and asked if they happened to have one. He was taken aback when they told him that there was one sitting right there on the showroom floor. When faced with getting what he wanted, he balked… just for a few seconds. Then he pulled out his credit card.

This ‘balking at potentially actually getting what you want’ phenomenon I’ve seen many times. Some people would rather have the fantasy than the reality. Why? Perhaps because the fantasy holds no responsibility or consequence, whereas reality does? Maybe they are afraid that the reality won’t be as good as what they imagined? Maybe they are afraid of change? Maybe they don’t know how to have something good in their life; something they have craved and desired can now be an actuality and they don’t feel they deserve it?

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