Aug 29 – painting

I started painting on Saturday and soon discovered that there was a better way to do this. After the fact, of course.

That’s okay. It’s all about learning…. Just hope learning doesn’t end up costing too much money. Ha!

On Saturday, I started to paint the wheels with satin black PJ-1

What I found was that the wheels soaked up the paint. I’m thinking that I should have primered them first. But I got this far, so kept going.

When the first (and only) can ran out very quickly, I had to make a run to
Motorcycle Accessory Shop in Mesa – the only local place I’ve been able to find PJ-1. Good folks there. They mostly do off-road bike stuff, but have a fair amount of gear and parts and oil / fluids. I got more paint and ran a couple of errands. By the time I was done, it was hot and I didn’t feel like working more in the garage.

So, today….

While I had my hoopty paint booth set up, figured might as well take care of some other objects. I got two kickstands and the top and bottom tripples painted.

I also painted the swingarm.

and finished up the wheels.

Painting is not my forte.

I’m back to considering laying down the cash to get the frame powdercoated. With all the installing movement, I’m worried that paint will get all scratched up quickly. At least with the wheels, I can touch them up pretty easily. But the frame would be a lot more difficult.

Decisions, decisions.

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