very metal

Yesterday, I went to the paint store to get ideas for frame color. Strippers were 25% off. I think I might have gone to the wrong store….

After playing with the store’s sun-flashlight (so you can check out the actual paint color not infected by the fluorescent lighting) I found some paint colors I like and took a couplea samples home.

This morning, I gathered my tools

and started to cut the extraneous tabs off the bike. I should have included my lovely safety glasses in with the tools picture.

I sent sparks a-flyin’ and made some rough cuts.

Whoa, let’s move the gas can out of harms way!

I finished cutting what tabs I could, but need a smaller cutting device to get some of the more tight-fitting tabs off. I also need to grind down the current rough cuts.

It’s easy enough to do… this afternoon I borrowed a friend’s Dremel… I just didn’t feel like doing anymore once the temperature rose over 100F outside today. I’ll finish tomorrow.

After I finished with my sparks for the day, I sprayed some test color on the frame. I’m not going to post any photos of that though because it’s gonna be a surprise. Shhhhh.

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