Damn dog

Alyosha has officially lost his status as Garage Dog.

I got a little buggy and decided to go to the garage to work on my bike a little. As I walked to leave, Yosh gave me a pitiful “take me with you” look. So, I put his leash on, and we went for the short walk to the garage.

I opened the garage door, and Yosh bolted in. I didn’t have his leash wrapped up, and as I followed him in, he skittered around the bike, caught his leash on the stands, and over went the RD to the floor. Wham! I quickly got the bike back up from its side – lifting from the legs, of course….

The kickstand mount got pretty bent.

I couldn’t get the bike back up on the front stand, so I decided to do what I could with it on the floor. It was not very comfortable.

There is a clusterfuck of wires to contend with inside the headlight bucket and I started pulling them apart in order to get the bucket and instrument cluster off.

I couldn’t get the stupid clutch cable out of the perch and realized it was frustrating me too much. The steel cable end threads into the aluminum housing at the clutch lever. The aluminum threads started to strip. I started down the dangerous road thinking, “Why the hell did I decide to strip this bike down to the frame?”


I am done for the night.

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