Started this morning putting the RD back together with the express purpose of starting it up. Since there aren’t any brakes, can’t ride it … but since the carbs are fixed and the key finally arrived(!), I wanted to hear my bike.

My friend Jon came over and brought a fan. Yay. At 9:30am it was already in the low 100°’.
We got the rear wheel back on and I cleaned the chain. Yeah, I prolly shoulda taken it off and soaked it, but since it was dirty and not kinky, I said “screw it.”

It was easier to get the stock pipes back on without the stock footpegs (and I want some rear sets anyway) so those went away. I thought my view from lying on the floor was pretty cool, so I took a pic:

Got front wheel back on (also sans brakes), tank installed with fresh pre-mix and battery back in. She’s ready to start up! Kicked right over!

It dies pretty quick once choke is turned off, so I gotta get the carbs dialed in. But first, pipes, then I’ll mess with the tuning.

Fork seals
Get some different instruments
Fit my spiky seat on

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