I write a lot about what I like about motorcycling and why I got into it and what keeps me interested in riding. One of the things that has always been a fantastic part of being into motorcycles is the motorcycling community.

Now, I suppose any “hobby” or lifestyle or what-have-you has this same thing and that’s one of the things that keeps people together as a group and entices people to join in the fun. But since my proclivities tend toward the motarized two-wheeled kind, I am a bit biased.

Mind you, I am writing this after four hours of sleep and some wine, so please pardon my mumblings.

I recently picked up a new project. One of the things about me is that my eyes are often bigger than my abilities. I am not a fabricator, nor am I a machinist. I am an okay mechanic when I can quiet the chatter in my head, but that often doesn’t happen before I get frustrated.

Tonight, I was talking with a few friends about this tendency of mine. Their response was that we are all motorcyclists and we help each other out. “Ask us for what you need help with and we’ll be there,” was the consensus.

This is one of the things that draws me back, over and over, to being part of a community. I have made some of my closest friends while standing around in freezing garages or sweating in the 112°F heat tinkering with a motorcycle.

Thank you.

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