Twilight is the in-between time when anything is possible. Mountains are silhouetted and their mysteries are shrouded in shadow. The sky is subtle in its muted and multi-hued beauty.

I am on a road bordered by Joshua trees, saguaro, brush, acacia trees, and desert wildlife. It unfolds in front of me into the yellows and pinks and blues. There is no bright sun glaring in my eyes, and night hasn’t yet enveloped me with only a bubble of highway lights and headlamp to ride into.

This time of night has a magical quality to it – an rift in the sky in which other paths, other possibilities are visible for those few moments before the color fades and darkness falls.

“… the moment of twilight … the crack in the universe between daylight and dark into a world not merely other than our own, but of an entirely different order of reality.” *

I ride through this moment of twilight and sometimes wonder if I’ve entered a different order of reality.




* Walter Goldschmidt, from the Foreword of The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda

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