Sound and fury

What is it about birthdays that affect us so greatly? It’s just another day. We grow one day older, one hour older, one second older… every moment. A birthday is just another moment. And yet, it is significant because it is a moment – the same day of the year from our date of breathing our first breath of air on this planet.

Each year some of us celebrate this day. We invite friends over, drink some drinks, eat some eats, listen to music, jabber at each other. It’s a party.

And we celebrate what? That we unexpectedly made it this far? That our life to this point is satisfactory? Are these festivities a vain attempt to deny the march of time into the vale of years? Do we create distractions in order to postpone the wearying self-reflection that these time-markers all too often conjure?

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow….

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