Today I took the NREMT exam – the National Registry exam for EMT’s.
I can’t work as an EMT until I pass this test. It’s a big one. And it’s hard.

I finished top of my class, studied like crazy for this exam, and came out of the testing center today thinking … “well, that was weird.”

It was a difficult exam. There is no set amount of questions and the questions you are given are pulled from a huge data bank, based on your knowledge. “Adaptive testing:” If you answer a question correctly, it will give you a harder one until you miss a question, then it will give you an easier one. The idea is to test your level of knowledge. And you feel it. Geez. It’s a good test to make you feel like a dummy quickly. It’s pass/fail and I’ll know “within two business days.”

Well, if I failed this time, at least I know what to expect when I take it again.
If I passed, then I get to write “EMT” after my name (and look for a job.)
Crossing fingers….

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